Climbing Trip - El Cajon Pics

After a 2 hour approach from down at the base of the valley, we climbed a few pitches at El Cajon, and it was epic.  Epic in all the good ways.

As you can see, there is are quite a few vertical feet between where we were, and the base of the valley.  Stairmaster has got nothin' on El Cajon.

It has been raining a lot due to an El Nino year, so the grass was quite lush.  Love was in the air.

Once we got up at the base of the climbs, a fierce breeze picked up.  Hats were donned under helmets, polypro under shells.   We layer like champs.

I managed to cram my helmet on top of a warm hat.

A few pitches up, that wall below me is just a bit off vertical.

This pic was taken after I climbed past Ian and his awesome hanging belay.  It is looking down the cliff to the valley below.

Awesome hat head at the end of the day!

We were treated to a lovely sunset at the end of our adventure.


Nighttime, Daytime, and Chicken Boxes

Aquatic, marshy goodness in evening  blue hues.  Damn kids got to this one, too.

I like the simplicity and the elemental, almost guilelessness of the shapes and colours.

Similar vibe, possibly the same artist.  It is representative of local banana palms and offers the daytime partner piece to the above shown evening interlude.

Holy cow!  This is a contemporary utility box MASTERPIECE!!!  Look at the ornamental framing, the use of bright colours, the fantastic portraits of foul, the perky comb, the festive and impressive overall vibe.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.  This one takes the cake.  Well, the second cake, since the first cake will go to all the utility boxes we paint with the Texas flag.


Really Bad Public Art

This is some really bad public art, and not in the "it is so bad it is good" way.  It is just bad.

It is a fountain in the courtyard of a fancy pants hotel in downtown San Diego.

Granted, I am not the world's biggest fan of dolphins and swordfish as motifs in art, nor do I tend to adore tall plastic and metal obelisks, and I have a bit of a bias against the Tuscan La Quinta Inn style of architecture, but really.  Come on.  This is just so very bad!


Chipped Out at 115

Big news!  Huge windfall!  Astounding good luck!  No, it isn't luck.  It is skill.  It is mastery. It is awesomeness.

I chipped out with this pile in Ian's crib.

Add that up.

I am certain IQ is sharing in my delight, as rooting for each other and being thrilled with each other's successes is one of the sweet and steadfast cornerstones in our relationship.  He loves it when I win win win.


Bachelors Flat

This is where IQ will have to move if that "IQ loves HB" crap doesn't get cleaned up.  They are so cheap and crappy they don't even have an apostrophe.


Utility Boxes - I Keep 'Em Coming!

This ethnocentric/ingredientocentric box was found outside a little mom and pop Italian restaurant.  I love the cascading ravioli and the garlic heads.  I am not a fan of the graffiti.  Damn kids.

If you are wondering what kind of ingredients they use, just check out the box!

What's up, teeth?

Nice, bright designs here.  I, of course, love the peacock.  What is up with that tiger?  I think he is mad that he is placed between two things he would love to eat, but can't get at due to his confinement on the box.

This box is in Hillcrest.

This box is in Barrio Logan, a few blocks from Chicano Park, home of awesome murals, community history, and great food.  It depicts a super cool pinata, and papel picado decorations.

The damn kids got to this one, too and tagged it.  Grrrr.  I feel like the tiger in the above depicted box.

I find it interesting that this box is showing pictograph and petroglyph style images, and that the top of the box is basically a heading for the sides of the box.  What is not surprising or terribly interesting is that this box is in a super over-educated white person neighborhood.

This box shows people hanging out with dinosaurs.  I looked around the other side of the box for Pakune and Sleestacks, but they must be on another utility box that got swallowed up by an earthquake or fell over a water fall on a rafting trip.


Here's a factoid for you - I was a roller skating waitress at a diner for a little while in college.  My hair never looked as good as this waitress' hair looks.

 I don't know what these people were thinking.  Maybe it is some sort of impressionistic abstract seascape?

It doesn't seem to add to its environment.

I'm thinking of painting our own utility box.  I've studied the great masters of utility boxes.  Maybe it is time to venture forth and leave my mark on San Diego.  -On San Diego Utility Boxes.  IQ and I are thinking of painting one to look like the Texas flag.  Actually, I mislead you, my dear reader.  We are actually thinking of painting dozens and dozens and dozens of utility boxes to look like the Texas flag.

You and I both know this is a totally awesome idea.

Today! International Respect for Chickens Day!

United Poultry Concerns wants you to stick up for chickens.



IQ and HB, You Are So Busted

IQ loves HB??  OH REALLY???  There better be another IQ out there, otherwise heads are gonna roll.