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Techno Chicken


Text Where it Doesn't Belong

I am a fan of the written word, found poetry, and an appreciator of fonts and texts.  Today's post highlights my latest little discoveries of the written word in unlikely places.  More specifically, unlikely words in unlikely places. 

First off, the word "gizzards" as seen stenciled on the curb.  It was not repeated anywhere in a 2 block radius.  I checked. 

Might this be marking somebody's parking place?  Maybe it is the parking spot of The Gizzard Fairy, that mythical folktale hero who delivers giblets to all the good little gravy making boys and girls of the world?  

Next up on our short tour of text in unlikely places is the stenciled graffiti on the uppermost corner of this 2 story industrial building in Tustin.  If you can't read it in the picture, it says "Fart Barf".  If that is someone's tag, I am really sorely disappointed in their creativity.

Finally, we have this concrete lawn pig that has the name "Bobby" painted on it in, after close examination, appeared to be white-out.  Maybe the pig's name is Bobby.  The flamingo did not wear a nametag. 

Send us your unlikely text in unlikely places, and I'll make another post out of it!


Hot Crib

Drop by Far Flung Headquarters any evening and you are likely to find us tossin the bones and going to bed by 10 pm (35 is the new 50).  While the scientist and I have been keeping a running score on this dominoes tourney for 2 1/2 years, we have yet to see a crib with such a massive, prosperous, preposterous, weighty, fruitful, imposing, and yes, embarrassing yield.

Add up those pips.  It comes to 98.  Yes indeedy, yes sirree, 98.


Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day, team Far Flung!!

The prophet has spoken.  -Or growled.  -Or whatever it is that groundhogs do.  Phil has done his job, and seen his shadow.   Six more weeks of winter.  Here in SD, I guess that means six more weeks of wearing a long-sleeved rather than a short-sleeved T-shirt.  

Your Groundhog Day cards are in the mail (unless we don't have your address, in which case give it to me and I'll send you the best Groundhog Day card you have ever received, designed by Ari Stiles, graphic designer, yogini, artist and human extraordinaire), and to keep your cyber-experience groundhogged up, check this link for the official Punxsutawney Groundhog Club.  You can watch the video of Phil's prediction!  You can send e-cards!  I, for one, am happy to see they are finally getting on the bandwagon.  I've been sending Groundhog Day cards for more than 10 years now, and am glad the benchmark Groundhog Day club is finally getting their acts together to do so, too.

Spread the Groundhog Day love, and enjoy 6 more weeks of winter!