One way in which Texas is different from California

While in Texas last week, we went to a very lovely, sophisticated, elegant wedding followed by a lively, gorgeous, and abundantly wonderful reception at the Driskill Hotel. In the sitting room off to the side from the ballroom, there were coffee and tea urns set up up, complete with all the typical coffee and tea fixins.

This picture is of the sugar dish. All the regular sugar was gone. The fake, no-cal sugar was hardly touched. That right there shows you one of the ways in which Texas is radically different from California.

As an aside - mad props to Ryan and Emily - y'all threw a heck of a party and it was just lovely. May you continue to learn and grow and love with each other for years and years and years!

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  1. The great tea divide. After touring for five years I have sussed out the difference between the teas of the US regions.

    In the south, "You want sweet or unsweet honey?" (It's goes without saying it's iced.)

    On the west coast, "Black or herbal?" (And it will be hot.)

    Midwest, nobody asks you a thing it's just lukewarm Lipton dude.