Nighttime, Daytime, and Chicken Boxes

Aquatic, marshy goodness in evening  blue hues.  Damn kids got to this one, too.

I like the simplicity and the elemental, almost guilelessness of the shapes and colours.

Similar vibe, possibly the same artist.  It is representative of local banana palms and offers the daytime partner piece to the above shown evening interlude.

Holy cow!  This is a contemporary utility box MASTERPIECE!!!  Look at the ornamental framing, the use of bright colours, the fantastic portraits of foul, the perky comb, the festive and impressive overall vibe.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.  This one takes the cake.  Well, the second cake, since the first cake will go to all the utility boxes we paint with the Texas flag.


  1. Saw this today, and thought of you. Not really sure why.


  2. FANTASTIC!! Wow! I love those!