Utility Boxes - I Keep 'Em Coming!

This ethnocentric/ingredientocentric box was found outside a little mom and pop Italian restaurant.  I love the cascading ravioli and the garlic heads.  I am not a fan of the graffiti.  Damn kids.

If you are wondering what kind of ingredients they use, just check out the box!

What's up, teeth?

Nice, bright designs here.  I, of course, love the peacock.  What is up with that tiger?  I think he is mad that he is placed between two things he would love to eat, but can't get at due to his confinement on the box.

This box is in Hillcrest.

This box is in Barrio Logan, a few blocks from Chicano Park, home of awesome murals, community history, and great food.  It depicts a super cool pinata, and papel picado decorations.

The damn kids got to this one, too and tagged it.  Grrrr.  I feel like the tiger in the above depicted box.

I find it interesting that this box is showing pictograph and petroglyph style images, and that the top of the box is basically a heading for the sides of the box.  What is not surprising or terribly interesting is that this box is in a super over-educated white person neighborhood.

This box shows people hanging out with dinosaurs.  I looked around the other side of the box for Pakune and Sleestacks, but they must be on another utility box that got swallowed up by an earthquake or fell over a water fall on a rafting trip.


Here's a factoid for you - I was a roller skating waitress at a diner for a little while in college.  My hair never looked as good as this waitress' hair looks.

 I don't know what these people were thinking.  Maybe it is some sort of impressionistic abstract seascape?

It doesn't seem to add to its environment.

I'm thinking of painting our own utility box.  I've studied the great masters of utility boxes.  Maybe it is time to venture forth and leave my mark on San Diego.  -On San Diego Utility Boxes.  IQ and I are thinking of painting one to look like the Texas flag.  Actually, I mislead you, my dear reader.  We are actually thinking of painting dozens and dozens and dozens of utility boxes to look like the Texas flag.

You and I both know this is a totally awesome idea.


  1. You should also add the ubiquitous "Fuck Y'all, I'm from Texas" on the artwork.

  2. "You may go to hell, and I will go to Texas."