Your Good Deed for the Day

Hello, and happy summer to you, my beloved Team Far Flung!

Years ago, I was in a band called Darling New Neighbors. I was their less-than-talented drummer. I had the good fortune of playing around Austin clubs and parties, cutting the demo in a moldy sound studio in a building that was condemned shortly thereafter, and going on the magical, mythical Hot Wet Deep South tour with this pack of musical, literary, library and scientific geniuses back in 2004. Here's a picture to prove it .

Since my level of commitment to other non-band things was way higher than my bandmates commitment to DNN, we cordially parted ways and they upgraded to a drummer who can actually keep a beat and learn songs and so forth.

Their awesomeness shows - DNN is a finalist contest to be the theme music for NPR's music blog, which is headed up by the amazing Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney fame!!

If you ever suffered through a show where I played drums and made up entirely brand new and unrepeatable time signatures, if you ever drove to South Carolina from DC to see your daughter's crappy band play in a really seedy bar where people were dressed as space explorers and vampires and vampire space explorers, if you ever saw your friends get better and better at what they love, if you love seeing the little guy win, if you have ever rooted for the underdog, if you have ever dreamed of being a rock star or a literary star or a science star, then you must vote for Darling New Neighbors. They are most awesome.



  1. Now that I voted (daily good deed done) I'm gonna be bad for the rest of the day! :)

  2. awww, miss you Jess! u still the most fun drummer we evah had. every now and then, i think of how your floor tom would just tumble over to the floor during the rock song. You were a power hitter! Thanks for the props! that Leah P....man oh man, we can't seem to pass her.