Ray at Night - Totally Forgettable Art

I finally roused Ian from his incessant sleep (he is fighting one hell of cold that has been keeping him down for 2 weeks now) to check out Ray at Night.  There are a bunch of art  galleries and studios on Ray Street, and one evening a month they open their doors to show their mediocre wares.

Years ago, Ian dated an art curator who schooled him in art criticism and themes, balance, color, blah blah blah.  Under her tutelage, he learned a thing or two about all artsy and fartsy.  Well, bust him out on Ray at Night; he let his catty art critique fly, and made some searing comments about the palm tree silhouette paintings and the surfboard themed prints.  Meeeeeow!

The one thing we were excited about were these chairs made from the wood of wine barrels from some vineyard.  They were nice smelling, and had nice curvy shapes.

I also really liked the brownies one of the studios served.  The other food was crap, but the brownies were quite nice.

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