More Amazing Painted Utility Boxes

This box has an Asian-esque theme, with the vaguely Shinto Shrine looking builidings, and the Karate Kid style sun.  Are those dolphins the now-extinct Baiji/ Yangtze River Dolphin?  Is the only place you can now see the Baiji on this painted utility box in South Park, SD?  Thanks a lot, China.

Weird samurai and snaky dragony adorn back side of the box.  They don't really tie in with the rest of the piece. 

 This lovely and vibrant box shows a representational, if not abstract, picture of people playing music.  The bold colours, wavy outlines, and simple graphics reveal that this utility box artist is strongly influenced of the European art greats of the late 1930's through early '50's.  There are echos of Compostion Fond Bleu   and of The Three Musicians .  This box photographed in Hillcrest.

Just around the corner, we find another Matisse and Picasso inspired utility box, possibly by the same artist as the box pictured above.  The pipe smoker image on this utility box might be an homage to Magritte.  Ceci n'est pas un boite du utility.  It is a PICTURE of a utility box.

The utility box's neighbor box  is also nicely decorated in bold colors and strong graphics.  They did a nice job of not covering the important utility stickers and warning labels.

The artist's intention is a mystery to the viewer.  Is this supposed to look like brick?  Is it just a study in tone and pattern within the constraints of parallel lines?  Is it cubist camouflage? Photographed in North Park.

Some ideas are best left as ideas and not as actions.  Photographed in Hillcrest.

Cartoonish, strong-jawed glamorous lady who cleaned her plate.  Good for you, headless good eater!

On the other side of the headless cafe lady, we find some shadowy dudes in hats.  While it is the same box, I think it was different artists.  Box in Hillcrest

  Wow!  This monkey is meditating, while being served an umbrella drink by a crab, while his lovely lady friend demurely sips tea and the squid swings by with his top-hat on.   Fantastic!  Box lives in Hillcrest.

Hey, Coolaid!  Let's all play in a band!  Yeah! 

Is the blond cowgirl hitting the keyboard player with a pork chop?

Very dreamy and full of luscious colours and organic lines.  The overall design concept seems muddy and lacking direction, but it is a bit more pleasant than a plain utility box.  Photograped in North Park.

This most excellent utility box depicts schnauzers playing fiddles.  What can't these fine dogs do?  This utility box shows a nice use of background color to support, yet not distract from the image.  The expressiveness of the schnauzer's faces really holds the gaze of the observer.  Schnauzer box located in South Park.

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