San Diego Finaly Gets Some Weather!!

For two days now, San Diego has NOT been 70 and sunny.  We have actually had a little rain and lots of wind. 

Our neighborhood, Ocean Beach, is a wide swath of beach community butting up on ocean and one side and topped by the San Diegito Estuary.  In the past 2 days our 'hood has been transformed by Mother Nature from a picture postcard beachy palm tree oasis into a windswept, soggy harmattan littered with blown-off palm branches and battered by super hight surf.

Our mediocre neighborhood paper has some good photos taken by folks in our neighborhood:  

Shown above is a pretty typical medium sized day at our pier down a few blocks from Far Flung Headquarters.  Take note of the cafe on the pier, and where the water is in relation to the pier down below the cafe.  

Here is the massive wind and storm swell driving over the TOP of the pier.  Take note of pier cafe here.

Ladies and gents, that is some high surf.  Far Flung Headquarters is sitting tight, a good third of a mile inland and maybe 20 vertical feet up from the beach.  We are enjoying the meteorological variety this is providing.  It sure is nice to have a break from the oppressive sunshine and get some gusty, crappy weather for once!

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