Text Where it Doesn't Belong

I am a fan of the written word, found poetry, and an appreciator of fonts and texts.  Today's post highlights my latest little discoveries of the written word in unlikely places.  More specifically, unlikely words in unlikely places. 

First off, the word "gizzards" as seen stenciled on the curb.  It was not repeated anywhere in a 2 block radius.  I checked. 

Might this be marking somebody's parking place?  Maybe it is the parking spot of The Gizzard Fairy, that mythical folktale hero who delivers giblets to all the good little gravy making boys and girls of the world?  

Next up on our short tour of text in unlikely places is the stenciled graffiti on the uppermost corner of this 2 story industrial building in Tustin.  If you can't read it in the picture, it says "Fart Barf".  If that is someone's tag, I am really sorely disappointed in their creativity.

Finally, we have this concrete lawn pig that has the name "Bobby" painted on it in, after close examination, appeared to be white-out.  Maybe the pig's name is Bobby.  The flamingo did not wear a nametag. 

Send us your unlikely text in unlikely places, and I'll make another post out of it!

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