Get Your Own Hobby

In response to one of our Loyal Readers who suggested I get a hobby and quit photographing the Painted Utility Boxes of San Diego, I say this:

Get your own damn hobby.

That said, I now present you with even more of my utility box finds.

This box portrays a rather industrial-looking building with one heck of an antennae, somewhere in front of a mountain range.  While this box lives in North Park, I think it is portraying the San Diego East County government building.

I think the design would have been more strong had they incorporated the safety label into the building itself, rather than design the building around the label.

This utility box tells the story of the agrarian life on the family farm being encroached upon, divided up, and parceled out by modern life and highway culture.  What was once all pastures is now chopped up by highways stuffed bumper to bumper with cookie cutter identical vehicles.  The drivers of these vehicles are emotionally stunted by their lack of connection to the land.  This fact is symbolized in the art by the lack of any portrayal or depiction of the drivers.  The only wildlife are carrion birds.

While this isn't a utility box per se, it is a street light, and street lights are part of the overall utility infrastructure.  It is a stretch, but I'm going with it.

This very cool looking stenciled bit of art is on the base of a street light outside and Italian coffee shop in North Park where I had a really lousy chai and a really awesome pastry.  Anybody know who this is supposed to be?

The top of this utility box shows a good sized common king snake.  King snakes are common in many of San Diego's little canyons and ravines, and do a heck of job of keeping the rodent population down.  They probably also keep the lagomorph population down, but I'm not going to ponder cute little bunnies being suffocated by the constricting coils of a cold blooded predator.  That thought bums me out.

Aquatic theme, lots of eyeballs, Mac the Knife.

Adjacent box, still aquatic, still some eyeballs, and how small is that surfboard if it is the right size for a seahorse?

Wow. What a babe.  This hot utility box was photographed in IB. That 'hood is not afraid of sultry sirens.

Even the mermaids get Restylane here in SoCal.

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