I May Be Poor, But This City is Painted-Utility-Box Rich

I know I haven't posted in a while; it is because I have been in a deep, dark, lousy surf, unemployed, jury-duty-serving malaise.  There is only one thing that can lift one's spirits after such a string of mediocre weeks.  Well, two things, and since we don't have jobs and friends and a great house lined up in a city that is an awesome match for us, then you know what I am talking about:  PAINTED UTILITY BOXES.

Bring. It. On.

Here is an exuberant, yet not overwrought, art-deco inspired box near Hillcrest.  It is caddy-corner from a Starbucks that serves stale cupcakes.

Here is the back side of the same utility box.  I like how they seemed to incorporate the actual shape of the utility box with the tall building motif.

This box has a nice vibe reminiscent of 70's colour block/flower power pieces. It is simple, has little depth, but dresses up the utility box nicely.

This box is right outside a school playground in Hillcrest.  It looks to me like what a grown-up envisions when they think of art done by kids.  It is fake kid art.

Is the art fake or is the kid fake?  Both.

This utility box is also outside the elementary school in Hillcrest.  Some not so clever vandals changed it up some, leaving it almost as cryptic as it was pre-tagging.

What kind of an angry animal is that?  The head shape suggest a kitty, but the teeth are not cat teeth.  This critter's dentition is totally lacking in incisors or canines, and the whole set of teeth look more like an herbivore's teeth.

This is the partner piece utility box of the mysteriously-toothed kitty creature utility box.  This critter is less fierce looking, and kind of looks like a skunk or maybe a cartoon of a sports fan who has painted their face.  The teeth on this one are so indistinct they offer no help in identification.

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