Building a Garden - Literally, not Symbolically

This week, I started my garden. It turns out that residents of SD can go to the Miramar Landfill Greenery and pick up as much compost as you can carry. . . FOR FREE. My tax dollars at work! Yes!

The Miramar Landfill Greenery collects, shreds, and composts yard waste, old Christmas trees, and other plant matter scraps and goodies. These goodies get bulldozed into huge piles to compost for a few months, then bulldozed into another huge pile to be picked up in large batches by a bunch of really strong and intimidating dudes in a big truck who looked like they knew what they were doing, and in small batches by over-educated white ladies in fuel efficient cars.

I took home one Yaris of compost, and started on the garden. A "Yaris" is a measurement of volume that is larger than a cubic cubit, equal to several bushels, and is less than a pick-up or a mini-van.

Follow up to follow soon. Stay tuned to Far Flung! We'll keep you posted even when there is nothing much to post!


  1. A cubit maybe. A cubic cubit would crush the Yaris...

    Anyways. Good on ya'

  2. Doh, there I go messing up my units... Cubit is a unit of length, stupid. So I revise my statement: It depends on your definition of cubit...

  3. Come on, Jesse! Everyone knows a standard royal cubit is 20.64 inches, give or take. Please! What are they teaching you in that fancy school of yours, anyway?? PhD, my ass.

  4. btw, the stupid was for me...