Dog Surfing Comp

After a week of computer trauma (broken keyboard that types 2-3 letters for every one letter you want to type. . .) our technology issues are mostly solved and we are back on-line posting the important details of our explorations.

Last weekend brought not only the great company of some wonderful visitors to our fair city, but also an outing to the Dog Surfing Competition.

The dogs all wear PFDs, and get pushed into the waves by their human. They get points for staying on the board, hanging 10 or 20, turning around, and length of ride.

I could go on about the scene, but really, you just need to look at the pictures. The smaller pics above are courtesy of A. Quigley. I, unfortunately, can't get them to enlarge. The one that looks like it is just surf is actually of a small dog post wipe-out. Also, check out the one of the acrobatic dad and two daughters with pooch on the tip!

The portraits below of are the contestants in the 21-40 lb. heat.

Here are some links to great youtube videos and other photos of said sport. FF/DH is committed to helping you waste time.


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