Snapshots of SoCal Housing Bubble Burst

As we know by now, there was a housing bubble, and prices were inflated, and lots of people bought too much house on too little money down, and these mortgages that were a bad idea to begin with were bundled up and sold, and then bad decisions were made by lots of bankers and by lots of consumers, and markets shifted and homeowners found themselves in situations of negative equity and foreclosure and then it rippled out and affected everything and we have the mess we are currently in.  We all know this.

So, instead of telling you something new, I am just showing you some local snapshots of things you already know.  These pictures show so clearly just one specific result, in SoCal, of the economic crisis. 

The first picture (above) shows the architect's dreamy rendering of this awesome house-to-be, complete with amazing view of the ocean.

This second pic shows the larger context of dreamy architectural sketch.

The third and then fourth pic shows the whole lot, fenced off, weeds growing, some construction started, the rest just partially done, left to weather.  There have been no changes since we first arrived in March.

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