Why oh why am I driving a Toyota?? Pics from the Lowrider Show

Why the heck am I driving a Toyota???  It is fuel efficient, paid for, compact, easy to park, and it has no soul. None.

IQ and I went to the 40th Annual Chicano Park Day festival and Low Rider Show.  Good Lord!  There were panty-droppers everywhere you looked.  This is one super awesome event that truly put all of Texas to shame.

Here are some highlights from what we saw:

FYI: My Toyota has no airbrushing on the hood.

No dragon slaying, bow and arrow sporting magnificent airbrushing exists on my little Yaris.

No semi-nude babes adorn the front of my car.

I have no skulls or curlicues.

My little Yaris has no stylin chrome.  It is not as sexy as this one.

My Yaris lacks heft, style, and brawn.  It also is not nearly as shiny and fancy as this old car.

Nobody wants their picture taken in front of my Toyota the way they do in a front of a classic Chevrolet.

Nobody looks super stylish and cool just for sitting in my car.  This car, however, adds a heavy dose of bad-ass to whomever comes near it, much less sits in it or owns it.

Gorgeous hood ornament.  Do you think I could special-order one of these for my car?

Sweet paint job on an old caddy is way cooler than my gray Yaris.

Gather round, y'all.  This car won "Best Paint Job".


  1. That blue Chevy pick-up is the greatest thing ever...