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Another Panama post from Team Montgomery-Quigley!

Welcome back to Far Flung/Down Home! We offer you, yes you, a perfectly resonable way to waste time at work or at home, avoid your responsibilities, procrastinate, AND simulteneously feel somewhat up to date with Team Montgomery-Quigley´s goings-on. It´s a hell of a deal. Reading a news analysis blog might improve your ability to contribute to society. Reading about health and medicine may help you make decisions that ultimately improve your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family. Reading about personal finance could help you plan for your retirement . But you choose to read Far Flung/Down Home. Well done.

Don´t think we don´t appreciate you spending your most important commodity, your time, here on our blog reading about monkeys and surf boards. I truly respect and appreciate your decision to waste your time here, and not elsewhere.

That said, here´s what´s cooking!

1) It has been raining. A lot. Phones were out. Roads are out. Internet comes and goes. Power comes and goes. The border to Costa Rica on this side of the isthmus is flooded and closed. The rain comes in torrential downpours, the likes of which I have never seen. It rains cats and dogs and parrots and coconuts for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to 3 days straight, then it suddenly clears up and is blazingly sunny and bright.

In these photos, you can get a bit of a sense of the rain here. In the first, there are dudes trying to fix a PVC rain gutter in the midst of a deluge. Intelligent? Debatable.

2) Given the quick change operation the weather runs in these parts, we see lots and lots of Landons. For those who don´t know, Landons are when the sun comes through clouds in visible shafts of light. As though you are being touched by an angel. These photos are from our taxi ride from the farm back to where we are staying. Yes, I am, in fact, making super-model face. And yes, those are small potted plants/trees in the front of the boat. Another taxi passenger was bringing plants back for her yard. But seriously, folks; check out those Landons.

3) Ian took this shot of children´s shoes. Notice the brand. Durex. I guess if their other products for which they are known don´t work out, they will also sell you shoes for said product failure. Way to diversify your income stream, Durex!

4) Billabong, Billamong. You say ¨po TAY toe¨, I say ¨po TAH toe¨

5) Lots of Americans retire to Panama. It is relatively cheap, the taxes are low, it is easy to buy inexpensive property here, many folks speak english, and the yellow fever problem is pretty well worked out. Who would have thought that Don Pardo, of all people, would move to Panama?? And open a laundromat?! Awesome.

As an aside, we posted many more pics of our surfboards, pre-makeover, on the previous ¨The Manx and The Lonestar¨ post.

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