Impermanence/ All good things come to an end

Yesterday we had a lovely morning surf. It was possibly the best ever! -unless you count those perfect days at Wizard beach. Or those other perfect days at Red Frog beach. Or those 12 other perfect days at Carinero. . .

We took the water taxi over to Carinero at high tide, and our usual surf spot was really really perfect!!!! The waves were chest high to occasionally overhead; they were sturdy and glassy and breaking gorgeously, predictably, and regularly. There was a nice channel where the waves were not breaking that was absolutely perfect for paddling out to the good waves without getting pummelled.

The sun was shining, but there was the occasional high, crepey thin cloud passing over the sun to pleasantly cut the glare. The little fingerling fish were jumping and playing and darting magically silver-green-blue in the clear turqoise Caribbean water. There were so many sunbathers and vacationers out on the dock lounging around and napping it was like a gas attack had struck, but maybe happy nitrous gas like at the dentist´s office instead of something deadly. There were only 2 other folks surfing, and they were happy, fun and great to share the waves with.

We caught a few good waves, then our surfing days here in Panama came to a close.

My leash (a sturdy plastic-covered cord that connects your board to a strong velcro strap that goes around your ankle) broke. Yes, it broke. Leashes rarely break. We got ours used and all, but they still rarely break. The leash broke.

The board was recovered, a little worse for the wear.

The paint has been chipping off The Manx for a while, and is now in fairly mediocre condition. Well, it started out in mediocre condition. It is now in poor condition. Check out that pic. What a beauty!

Ian caught a few great waves, was standing up like a pro surfer dude, looking quite stylie, and when we came in, we found that The Lone Star has expired. The front tip, which is mostly constructed of patch repair anyway, needs more patching and repair.

Our boards are done with us.

We´ve had a hell of a run with our $20 boards, and we head back to Panama City in a few days, and back to the US on Saturday. It is time for us and our boards to part ways.

We are going out today to see if we sell them for $20. Some sucker tourist from Texas or Colorado or Connecticut will be stoked to spend money on their own piece-of-rubbish board instead of a rental.

All good things come to an end.

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