The daily grind

Ian and I have our noses to the vacation grindstone. Here is our daily routine:

7:00 get up
7:30 tea and breakfast
8:00-12:00 surf
12:30 shower
1:30 lunch, cookies, and a round or two of dominos at the German Bakery. You can get a huge salami sandwich big enough for Ian and I to share for $2, and a fantastic shortbread and caramel galleta for $.50. As for the domino game, I am currently 300 points ahead of Ian.
2:00 nap or sit on the balcony and read
3:30 go surf again, or kayak, or snorkel, or any combination of the above
5:30 shower and clean up
7:00 dinner and hang out

It is gruelling, but we manage to keep it up day in and day out. You know why? Because we are committed, that´s why. Some things are worth the work, the fight, the sweat and the tears. We are following this project through to the end, no matter what.

We don´t have any surfing or kayaking pics, as we never take our camera to the beach. We don´t want to leave it there while we are in the water. We don´t take it in the water with us because it doesn´t float and we don´t have a little life vest for it yet. If I dropped it, which I probably would, then we would have to kiss our fun toy goodbye for good.

In other news, the sun has been mostly out for a few days in a row, and all the flowers are going bonkers. In these pictures, the white flowers are a huge mess of orchids. Notice that they are in a vacant rubbish pile right next to the gutter. Orchids are everywhere here! We see them growing out of the rain gutters on houses, adorning dead trees, in rubbish piles, and everywhere in the jungle. Amazing.

As an update to our ¨Plants and Animals¨post, the little lizard who hangs out by our table managed to get into an empty coke bottle to do a little spelunking. I set the bottle on its side, and he crawled out, totally unperturbed and ran up into his favourite spot in the light fixture.

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  1. I've been reading over Jason's shoulder and decided to jump on board after that amazing schedule juggling and camera preserving. Way to rock the Canal Casbah.
    I love love love you!