Kayak Trip

Yesterday, Ian and I kayaked from Bocas del Toro on Isla Colon, (where we live in an amazingly cute, clean, quiet and cheap little apartment) across the little bay to Hospital Point to go snorkelling, and I actually took the camera! I didn´t drop it, lose it, or destroy it. How about them apples?

Check this link out for a map of where we are, and where we were hanging out. . . we live in Bocas Town, we surf on the far side of Carinero, or on the near NE side of Bastimentos, or at Paunch or Bluff, our friend´s farm is on Bastimentos, we swim and snorkle and watch fish at Hospital Point, Shark Hole, or Macca.

The land of Hospital Point is privately owned by an expat American, who undoubtedly has the best view in the region. The point used to be the site of the yellow fever and malaria hospital for United Fruit Company. The hospital is gone now, and all that is left are some foundation stones and a few collapsed stone benches. The current owner has a beautiful chunk of land, a very pretty house, and lots of "Private Property - KEEP OUT!" signs.

From Hospital Point we went to Carinero to check the surf at our usual spot. The surf was crummy at best. The trip, however was awesome!!

The pics that include the dock are from the beach at Carinero, looking out onto our usual surf spot. The surf was so not happenning when we were out there yesterday, hence the afternoon kayak trip instead of a surfing excursion.

The video is taken from half way between Carinero and Hospital Point. It is, as most of our little videos are, not the highest quality or best cinematography, but fun nonetheless. Don´t watch it if you are prone to motion sickness. My little kayak was bobbing around on the waves and so the movie is full of motion.

The other day we kayaked all the way around Carinero, stopped at the "Cosmic Crab Cafe" (terrible name, amazing seafood and cocktails) for a snack and refreshments, and then kayaked home. Not a bad afternoon, eh?

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