Just Boat Trip Pics

After some gentle prodding from one of our beloved readers, we are posting some pics from an outing we loved. Here are shots of our boat trip with friends a few days ago. The boat is a fun, serviceable, yet not terribly fancy catamaran.

Ian got to try his hand at steering and fussing with sails and all that. I got to try my hand at sitting back and drinking beer.

Keeping with the boat theme, there is also a short video clip of our typical taxi ride here.

Stay tuned for more Down Home/Far Flung! Our next post will be one for all the foodies in the house. We made CHOCOLATE! Start to finish! From pulling the cacao off the tree to molding it into bars, to eating it, we did every step withour own two hands. Check back in. It is going to be a good post.

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