Bocas Bicycle Adventures

Here is another picture of Luna, the monkey from Portobello, just becuase she is cute. You can se her trigger-finger and missing digit on her left hand. Poor baby.

On to other news and our travels to Bocas.

We took a ferry/motorboat packed with people across to Bocas town and arrived totally dirty and sweaty and grumpy after our long day on a packed bus full of dirty children and sweaty grown-ups.

Our mood was greatly improved by the cold pina colada we drank within minutes of arriving.

Bocas town is pretty built up, and very touristy. There are pros and cons to that. The pros are that there are a few internet cafes, and I can post pictures of Luna so you all can be in love with her, too. The cons are that there are tourists everywhere. Lots of young, loud, drunk, college-aged tourists. It sort of feels like West Campus in Austin, or The Hill in Boulder. On one had, there is a great gormet deli and a German bakery, and a vegetarian Indian restaurant, and on the other, it is a huge tourist place.

Since our language school is here, we are here in Bocas town for about 2 weeks. I am learning to hablo Panamese. It is pretty different from the Mexican I can habla. We spend 2 hours a day in classes, and I study usually another 2 more. Ian doesn´t have to study as much, as he has already had formal Spanish. All my Spanish is Mexican kitchen slang, and that doesn´t get us very far here.

Anyway, we rented bikes for a few days, and rode out to the beach where we broke open cocunuts on a rock, drank the coconut milk, and ate the meat. It was awesome. We forgot to take pictures, but the beaches look just like a postcard.

The bike ride was pretty muddy, but totally fun. Check out the mud on Ian´s legs.

We also saw this bike in town. The steering wheel/handle bars are totally rad. I know what I am doing to my bike when we get back.

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