Fort Portobello

Ian and Jessica in turret at Portobello (check out angled walls around slit through which one would point their gun at the invading bad guys)

Old canon, still can read seal on it.

These are vultures waiting for a tourist to die so they can eat them.

We took a Red Devil bus from Colon to Portobello.

Portobello was a huge and very important fort for the Spanish in their pillaging, counting, and exporting of all things valuable from Central and South America.

Unlike in the US, where one can visit historic forts, but one is kept at a bit of distance from the actual artifacts, there is no velvet rope between you and the ruins in Panama. People walk all over this old fort. Half the town is built using walls from the fort as walls for current building. Historic preservation is not a priority.

Forgive me for having some of the pictures sideways. I can´t figure out how to turn them. Oh well. You will live.
Much of the fort was built using coral taken from the bay. Coral preservation was not the issue it is now. The Spanish Conquistadors were not environmentalists. Check out the picture of the close-up of the wall. Those are big chunks of coral. Check out the pic with Ian, just for size reference.

Ian and I also decided re-do our senior portraits here. Parents-please print and replace our actual senior portraits with these.

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