Where we have spent the last 2 or 3 days

Here is another picture of Luna the Monkey, just because she is darling. Luna was being naughty, and getting into my purse to steal my notebook.

In current news. . .

Remember the grubby children on the bus from David to where we caught the boat to Bocas? Well, Ian and I have both been sick for the past 3 days with the same gross cough and runny nose they had.

The difference is that we are covering our mouths when we cough, washing our hands frequently, and blowing our noses in tissues that get thrown in the garbage. I am all for public health education world wide. From now on, more charitable donations go from the Montgomery Quigley coffer to international organizations that contribute to public health. A little hand washing and mouth covering can go a long way.

I am glad we have a good apartment as our home base, because otherwise being ill while on a long trip would be really hellish.

I also am glad we brought down antibiotics and a little aresenal of vitamins, herbal remedies, and decongestants, because I got sick as a dog and had the sinus infection turned bronchitus thing going on. I put off the antibiotics for a few days, then once we both got to the point where we were sleeping more hours of the day than we were up, and not getting better, it was time to bust out the Cipro.

The tide has turned. Cipro is good stuff. My cough is almost gone, and the atrociousness has subsided.

These are pictures of our nice bed, where we have been sleeping a lot since we are both sick. Notice the lovely mosquito netting.

Here is our good little kitchen with running potable water, a 2 burner gas stove, and a little dorm fridge. On the counter, I am cutting a slice of huge squash we got at the market yesterday (I thought we were getting a watermelĂ–n but it turned out to be a monster huge squash).

The last picture is of our couch/extra bed and, behind it, our private balcony. I usually drink tea in the morning on the balcony, and spend time at the little table there studying and blowing my nose.

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