Meat on a Stick Guy

Travel is all about adventure, getting exposed to new things, improving one´s perspective, and broadening one´s horizons. So even though Ian had his first real surf lesson yesterday, and even though the tropical weather is dramatic and turbulent -it rained 6" in an hour, then was sunny within moments- and even though we are learning how to salsa dance from a handsome tri-lingual German, this post is dedicated to the true gem of the week, Meat on a Stick Guy.

Meat on aStick Guy is possibly one of the best new things we have been exposed to here in Panama. Meat on a Stick Guy is more interesting than crazy weather. Meat on a Stick Guy catches my imagination more than anybody else we have met. Meat on a Stick Guy is unique, a rare tropical bird one can spot only here, after the sun goes down, on his particular corner in town next to the grocery. Meat on a Stick Guy is is amazing.

Meat on a Stick Guy has a tricycle, with two wheels in front - one in back, with a barbeque/hibachi set-up welded to where the handle bars would be, were there not a barbeque. The back rack, behind the seat, is fitted for a cooler. The bbq itself is made out of some kind of thick metal, maybe 1/2 of a big pipe or a drum of some sort? Who knows. The tricycle is also fitted with a big huge umbrella, like one would find on pation furniture. It is quite festive.

In the little bbq pit nests coals, nice perfectly hot coals dusted with white ash, and over the whole coal shebang is a nice heavy wire grate. Think bbq grill.

To one side, he has a candle, for ambiance.

To the other side, he has a little holster on his cart with shakers of salt, pepper, hot sauce, and really really hot sauce.

In his cooler, he has meat marinading and in anther container, some veggies.

Meat on a Stick Guy puts the meat and the onions, the bell peppers, the whatever, on a bamboo skewer and cooks it right there on his bicycle grill. It is ridiculously delicious.

It is served up hot, and sizzling, and is absolutely freakin wonderful. We love Meat on a Stick Guy. It is magically absolutely delicous. It is not just cooked meat. Meat on a Stick Guy is an artist and a chef. Meat on a Stick Guy is a culinary soul mate. What a find!

As of late, our dinner has been beans and rice that we make in our apartment, augmented with the pure Panamanian deliciousnes of Meat on a Stick.

If only you all could be so lucky.

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