Bus to Bocas

Once we finally caught a bus out of Penonome, we travelled all day by bus to David, then across the isthsmus up to where we caught a ferry to Bocas town on the Island of Colon. This is not the same Colon of which I spoke earlier, that was the biggest craphole of all time. This is a lovely island on the Caribbean side.

The drive across the mountains in the middle was glorious, and long. None of the pictures turned out, so imagine the Blue Ridge mountains, a little bit bigger, and covered with tropical plants. Imagine little jay birds that are the color of orange safety vests. Imagine trees full of parrots. That is what we drove through.

Now imagine a 15 person passenger van with 20 passengers, 3 of whom are little kids with nasty colds. That was what the ride was like.

When folks travel with their dogs on busses here, the dog does not go in a dog crate. It goes in a big woven bag, with its head, and often with one leg sticking out the top. The bag y dog go on the top luggage rack, nestled in with the duffel bags and bushels of produce. All the dogs we saw seemed so used to it that they were totally relaxed and didn´t seem to mind at all. El perro es tranquilo, man!

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