Amazing Roller Coaster

San Diego is home to one of the only original seaside boardwalk wooden roller coasters on the West Coast, the Giant Dipper (another classic wooden coaster is the other Giant Dipper in Santa Cruz, upon which I have a personal record of 8 rides in a row).

The picture of us together was taken before the ride. Gotta love the bad hat-head I am sportin'.

The picture of me is from right after the ride.

For the same price as a fancy cup of Starbucks, we got an adrenalin rush, increased heart-rate, a vibrant and fully alive feeling, and a great view of the boardwalk from the top of the ride directly before we went screeching down the first terrifying drop. The coffee shop doesn't have a view like that.


  1. I can´t wait for us to beat your record...prepare yourself for 9 times, and a little vomit.

  2. I'm so glad that Cali is treating you well! Keep on keeping on with all the fun. :)