They don't go muddin' in La Jolla

Just a little update from Team Montgomery-Quigley. . .We have settled into our temporary new digs in Encinitas!

We now live in a little rental cottage/converted garage apartment behind the house of one of Ian's colleagues. It is a lovely place to land, and their sweet little kitty has followed a sunbeam through an open door into our house once or twice. What a lovely surprise to have a purring fluff ball on the couch of our new house! Particularly a fluff ball who has a cat box that is not my responsibility!

Our next door neighbor has banty hens. We are really looking forward to meeting him.

Our house is 2 blocks from the beach, and 2 blocks in the other direction from a cute neighborhood coffee shop. There are about 5 acupuncture clinics, 6 hair salons, 3 "hot" yoga studios, 1 record shop, 7 overpriced sushi restaurants, 1 raw food restaurant, 1 vegan bakery, 5 surf shops, and 2 fancy-pants garden centers, all within walking distance of our cottage. This is so Southern California.

The free weekly paper is choc full o' ads and coupons for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, and the streets are choc full o' people who used those coupons and now have the perkiest, strangest, bolt-on-cantaloupe-looking breasts imaginable. I have never seen so many deeply tan women twice my age, with such gravity defying figures, in such strappy clothes.

Lots of folks here also look really excited or surprised, but don't think they are actually excited or even interested; I think it is just their face-lifts.

All the main roads have bike lanes, and drivers are very courteous to cyclists and pedestrians and folks with strollers.

No stores in our immediate vicinity carry cleaning supplies, unless you count the $8/bottle eco-vegan-friendly lavender essential oil infused Himalayan salt crystal deodorizing spray. I don't think people in this neighborhood buy their own cleaning supplies. I think their maids from Escondido buy their cleaning supplies for them.

This weekend we climbed at an area about 1/2 hour from our house and it was FANTASTIC!! There is bouldering around here that we checked out, too, and met some cool local climbers who were very welcoming and cool. Yay!

On Sunday, we rode bikes for an hour down 101 and got passed by huge herds of road cyclists on super fast road bikes. What fun! We will have lots to do in our spare time here.

Below is a video tour of our little cottage, complete with Ian working on unloading while I busied myself with the important work of documenting the moment. Our cottage is fantastic, and has only one closet. See picture. A trip to Ikea is in my future.

Email me if you want our address.

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  1. ew, ew, hot yoga!
    but otherwise, glad everything's good.