As Seen in Panama, the Final Chapter

This final post on Panama pics and stories has just a few neat little odds and ends we wanted to document and share from our time in Panama.

1) DIY Orthotics
Check out the awesome DIY flip-flops we made. Since one of Ian's legs is longer than the other, and flip-flops cannot be worn with his fancy orthotic inserts, we made him a pair of custom flip-flops. Ingredients: two pairs of flip-flops
Pocket knife
Strong rubber-cement-like craft glue
Use the pocket knife to cut the strap off one of the right foot flip-flops.
Spread top of the strapless flip flop with rubber cement craft glue.
Glue to bottom of right foot flip flop that still has strap.
Throw out extra left foot flip-flop.
Put your pocket knife back in your pocket, go get a cookie from the German Bakery.
Voila. Homemade vacation orthotic flip flop.

2) Public Health Heroes
This is a picture of Ian in front of the Gorgas medical center. I am deeply impressed with this amazing doctor who figured out how to control the spread of yellow fever and malaria in Cuba and Panama in the early 1900's. Gorgas is an amazing unsung hero.

3) Health Hazard/ Isn't This a Building Code Violation?
This pic was taken in our hotel room in Panama city. Notice where the bathroom light switch and electrical outlet are. . .IN THE SHOWER. That just doesn't seem wise.

4) Extra Firm Mattress
This is also from a hotel room in Panama city. Who needs a box-spring when you could have a concrete slab under your mattress?

5) Tricycle with Guns
Panamanian ingenuity shows another adaptation of everyday items to produce an ingenious, productive, probably dangerous machine for work. This motorcycle brings home the bacon.

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