Climbing Red Rock, No Discount at Restaurant

After hiking in Kolob Canyon, Ian and I went to Red Rocks to climb for a few days and get that windswept, blustery, carefree, squinty-in-the-desert-sun look. Simply stated, the desert was a stark contrast to the jungle. The climate there was so extremely dry I used chapstick for the first time in months. My fingers dried out and cracked (not pretty). The wind was so strong it threatened to blow us off our holds on the climbs, which made leading all the more exhilarating. The wind added an element of difficulty to climbs that was not described in the guide book.

We climbed, we got sand-blasted. With sand in our ears and hair and eyes and socks and belly-buttons, we lamented the less than optimal wind situation. We wondered if we should stick it out because the climbing there is so astounding, or be big wusses and call it for the day. Suddenly, a sweet and mighty revelation hit- we now live about 5 hours from Red Rocks (if Ian lets me drive, it might only be 3 hours away!)!! We have family in Henderson, which is a mere 25 minutes from the amazing, scenic, challenging, and fulfilling climbing at Red Rocks! That is an easy weekend trip! This was not our only chance to drink in the sandy, stark awesomeness of Red Rocks!

We hit it and quit. We'll go back when it isn't so windy.

After packing it up and saying goodbye to Deanna and Christine and Jayden (thanks for the hospitality, the hot shower, and the many many smiles and laughs!!), we hit the road for San Diego.

On our journey, we stopped for dinner at Quigley's restaurant. The food was of a sub-Denny's quality, and Ian didn't even get a discount. I felt a little cheated.

Listening to classic rock on the radio all through the Mojave desert helped. Cuz, you know, I'm just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. I took a midnight train going anywhere. Just a city boy born and raised in South Detroit, he took the midnight train going anywhere. I didn't stop believing.

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