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Welcome back to the FF/DH San Diego Postings!

Despite many a mailed-out resume, I still do not have a job. -Other than packing Ian's lunch, of course. Although my days are typically filled with job hunting and lunch packing, my routine recently got mixed up a bit by MK, one of my fabulous homegirls from the cabaret days (plug for RubyRico's latest production - http://www.rubyrico.com/ ) who got me down to Balboa Park for some exploring and sight seeing.

We went to the botanical gardens, which, magically, were full of tropical plants! Tropical plants, the likes of which I have recently seen IN THE TROPICS! (see previous FF/DH postings)

The botanical garden was lush and wonderful, and on the walls they had some ferns mounted on boards. Live ferns, mounted on boards like a hunting trophies, sans glass eyes. If I ever live in a chateau with a huge mantel, I am going to hang up one of these ferns in the place of a 12 point buck.

The gardens also had a lovely "touch and smell" section. The most striking plant was the "Mrs. Taylor Geranium". Does this geranium smell just like Mrs. Taylor??

I refused to touch or smell this plant. I have never met Mrs. Taylor, and touching or smelling just didn't seem appropriate.

Outside the garden, MK and I found a nice bench, as shown in the photo. Notice how well MK demonstrates proper bench usage, and highlights the lovely ornamental work of the bench.

The really outstanding part of this bench was its plaque on a nearby wall. It isn't just a bench, it is a Courtyard Furnishing, donated by the Thursday Club. I thought, "What the hell is the Thursday Club, and why are they named after a day of the week? Are they handing out benches? Can I get one?"

Turns out, the Thursday Club is still alive and going strong, and we just missed their rummage sale.
Bummer. At least I still get to sit on the bench.

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