Where is that cord???

You know, that one cord? The gray one? The one that connects that one thing to the other gizmo? Not that cord, that one is for that other thing. I need the gray one! The one that connects the camera to the computer!! Yah! THAT one! Have you seen it?

FF/DH posts have been on a bit of a hiatus, because I have misplaced that one cord. Have you seen it?

So, here is a boring, non-picture, just news, no good stories with pictures, plain old update. Once we find the gray cord, I will update WITH pictures.

Update 1) I am still looking for a job. I know I will find something that is a perfect fit; I just don't know what it is yet.

Update 2) We got a surfboard, and I am surfing everyday, when I am not looking for a job. Maybe I should say I am looking for a job when the surf is not pumping. The break is closer to our house here than the break in Panama was to our apartment there. Ha!

Update 3) My Panama beauty regimen of saltwater and direct, harsh sun gave split ends to my split ends. It all had to be cut off. I now have a haircut that makes me look like a little boy from the neck up. The rest of my figure indicates the contrary, so there is no real danger of confusion.

Update 4) We found out the one (yes, ONE, as in one and ONLY) Physical Therapy program in San Diego is ridiculously expensive. It is $11,550 per trimester. For that price, they should do all our housework, cater all our meals, do my schoolwork for me, and guarantee me at least a 6 figure salary within moments of graduation.

Since none of those things are part of their program, we are looking at plans B and C. Plan B is that I take all my pre-reqs here in San D, and then go to school in Long Beach. Plan C is that I take all my re-reqs here, and we look at moving somewhere else for me to do PT school after Ian finishes his Post-Doc. Either way, I am starting my pre-reqs.

Update 5) I am still volunteering at a PT clinic and it is fabulous!! They are knowledgeable, and compassionate, and really help people feel better.

I do the PT's bidding, including getting them towels or looking up client files or keeping the clients company while they go through their excercises. I love being there, and am the luckiest lackey of all time. I want to bake them all cookies every week, but that is not very professional. I instead just try to anticipate their needs and stay out of the way while I absorb every single thing they are doing, and not yell, "THAT IS SO COOL! DID YOU SEE HER HIP JUST GO BACK INTO ALIGNMENT?? THAT IS SO COOL!".

Update 6) There is a fabulous Iyengar Center in our 'hood. Hell yah. Nuff said.

Update 7) The Ross Dress for Less carries Channel sandals. Even the Ross is fancy here.

Update 8) I will soon find the camera cord, and post pictures of the cool adventures we have been up to here.

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