Stateside Adventures

Far Flung is coming to you live, from the US of A!

We are back, and still adventuring.

As of yesterday, we even have phones. Feel free to call us, as we would totally rather hear from you live than email or blog comment. Really. Real-time interaction takes the cake.

On to our blog post. . .

Fed up with our lush, warm, flowering, exotic digs in Central America, we came back to the West Desert of Utah for some late-spring hiking and climbing.

Kolob Canyon is in the back side of Zion National Park and the front side of my father's property. The view from his porch isn't too crappy. We found our fleece jackets, put on long pants, and made a muddy, chilly, exceptionally fun day of it.

There is still a little bit of snow pack in the shade, and once you get in a canyon there is plenty of shade. When walking, it is warm enough to wear just a t-shirt. When standing still, the fleece jacket is a welcome warmer. There is a constant dance with the jacket on hikes like this. . .wear the jacket, hold the jacket, tie the jacket around your waist, put the jacket back on, take the jacket off, repeat.

The little trees and plants are starting to bud, so spring in the canyon can't be too far off.

After our hike, we partook of an old-school canyoneering culinary tradition - the Post Hike Devouring of the Twinkies. They were gross and kind of disturbing.

Cattails, snow, and creek.

Ian shows off his new US Parks Annual Pass.

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