Are you OK? Are you OK? HELP! IT'S CPR Saturday!

Welcome back to FF/DH - the San Diego Chapters! Ian and I are feeling quite civically responsible this week.

San Diego is not only gorgeous, but progressive. Given the history of wildfires, earthquakes, and other disasters of varying styles and flavors, San Diego Red Cross is on a mission to make San Diego the most prepared community in the US. Go, Red Cross.

On Saturday morning, at 8am, we showed up at the Convention Center in downtown SD for CPR SATURDAY! It is a totally huge CPR class, given by the Red Cross, for FREE. Yes, boys and girls, this basic CPR class is free, free, free to area residents.

We were shocked and thrilled with the turnout. Look at all these folks who are giving up their Saturday morning to go to 3 hour CPR class! We watched a video, took a written test, and practiced in small groups with our Red Cross CPR Trainers. Our small practice group was full of 8 folks from a Harley club, in addition to me and Ian. Our lack of leather, denim, and gray hair really made us stand out from our other group members. Ian commented that it is good that they are learning CPR, as they will probably need it after one of those old guys has a heart attack and lays down their bike. Always the optimist, that guy.

Ian and I now know how to assist someone who is choking, someone who is not breathing, and someone who needs CPR. We have the card to prove it.

And what did YOU do with your weekend??

If you want to learn more about CPR Saturday, check this link .

If you want to make a contribution to the Red Cross, check out this link .

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