I can totally do that.

Our San Diego/La Jolla/Encinitas Days are taking form. I have found that I need to go inland for all basic needs (cleaning supplies, groceries, Elmer's glue, potting soil, shoelaces, etc.), have found the post office AND the public library, and can now reliably find my way home with zero wrong turns.

Ian is Salking each weekday, and is really stepping up his work to match this higher tier of sciencing.

I am starting my next phase of awesomeness, as well. It is called "Jessica Becomes a PT". To set the stage for this accomplishment that will culminate up as Ian finishes up his Post-Doc, I have some pre-reqs to take care of, I need to take the GRE again, I need to actually get into the school I want to get into, and I need to volunteer at a PT clinic.

Since I don't have a job yet, I have started volunteering and observing at 2 different PT clinics. I have been watching folks with different injuries and conditions go through their rehab excercises, and one thought keeps coming to the front and center of my my mind:

Dude. I can totally do that.

I am impressed with lots of the gadgetry and whizbangery of the PT clinic. I am impressed with the PT's grasp of how bodies work, and am also super impressed with the confidence and expertise these PTs radiate.

I am shocked and a little dismayed at the total lack of integration and alignment of the client's bodies. To be more precise, I am shocked and dismayed that the clients are not being taught to align and integrate their bodies. Why are they not being taught how to stand evenly, before working on how to walk evenly? Why are they not plugging in their shoulders? Why do they have locked knees and "forward-head" and "rib-pokey-out-y" syndromes? To that, I say, DUDE. . .I can totally teach you, nice client, to fix that.

So, I am feeling much more confident that I can jump through the hoops of several years of school, and come out on the other side a competent and effective helper of folks with physical imbalances, teacher of uneducated and unintegrated appendages, and kick-ass Yogi PT.

How do you like them apples?


  1. Jess I miss you so much!!! You are absolutely going to be an awesome PT. You taught me so much about how to take care of my body. I pull my belly-button towards my spine all day long, and you know what... I feel better all day long because of it!!! I unshrug my shoulders and I de-arch my back. And I think of you whenever I catch myself lifting anything with bent wrists.

    Jumping through the hoops of school is totally worth it, because you are gonna change people's lives as a PT.

  2. Yay, Julie!!

    I miss you, too. Thanks a ton for the huge vote of confidence. It means so much to me, and makes my heart sing.